Notable are the areas’ unique benefits that add value and character to the residences:

Moreover, Nea Makri Beach S.A. has developed all the required prerequisites to practice custom made architecture for highly demanding customers in terms of domestic needs.

Due to the areas’ landscape there are available land plots that can be constructed to fulfill at maximum ones’ unique needs and desires, based on custom made construction configuration and finishing.  

Our company NEA MAKRI BEACH S.A. is the proprietor of this 20-acre land and is investing to the strategic approach to construct residences permitting a direct entrance to the beach, with respect to the natural beauty, while at the same time use these residences to create a protective shell.

This kind of building style is in accordance with condominium solutions where social relations between owners are encouraged not only for safety reasons but most of all for reasons to enjoy and protect these natural elements.

There are available apartments and maisonettes from 65 m2 to 280 m2 and of one up to three levels throughout the estate. All the properties are 40 m far from the Evian bay, include parking spots, warehouses and spacious verantas.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.